About Me

I am a Chicago-based software developer at Hashrocket, a software consultancy that has me primarily building apps with React, Rails and PostgreSQL. I spend my free-time biking around the city, organizing with The People's Lobby for a better city and world, and playing board games. My other interests include coffee, cats, and cocktails.


I build user-focussed interfaces using React and many tools from the its cutting edge ecosystem. I employ modern CSS to make these interfaces look good across devices.


I primarily employ Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL to quickly build out robust backend services that power these frontend user interfaces. I also reach for Elixir/Phoenix or Go when the need arises.

Open-Source Work


A collection of concise write-ups on small things I learn day to day across a variety of languages and technologies.

Reason of Life

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life written with ReasonML and React.


A collection of components for reducing inline logic in your React apps.

Check out my other open-source work on GitHub.